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How to Choose the Right Fall Protection Harness

Every time your employees are working on higher ground, it is always important to guarantee their safety by using a fall protection harness. Whenever there is work that is being conducted above four feet, it is a requirement for you to utilize the fall protection harness. This is because a lot of deaths are a result of falls that occur in an occupational setup. Even when work is to be conducted on machinery that is considered to be dangerous, fall protection will be beneficial. The fall protection harness is very useful in preventing falls that may occur when things go wrong. Choosing a suitable fall protection harness is not all that easy. What do you need to consider before you can choose a fall protection harness?

Get to consider which type of harness you will require as the first important consideration. Always make sure that you choose the right fall protection harness that will meet all your expectations. You may choose a positional harness which will give you more freedom as you get to move. You can also choose a retrieval harness that is very useful where space is limited. It can also serve for either high or low ground. The retrieval harness will be of great use in rescuing an individual who has fallen. A suspension harness, as their name suggests, is useful in suspending a worker who will be free to carry out their activities while suspended. It is quite common among painters and window washers. Get to find out which one will be suitable for your unique needs.

Get to check the quality of the stitching since it is also crucial. The quality of the stitching will be important when it comes to determining the durability of the fall protection harness. Always make sure that the fall protection harness has the right stitches, which have been done properly for maximum strength to be guaranteed. Check for double stitches so that you can ascertain its durability. Check for the durability of the fall protection harness before you can purchase it.

Another important consideration is to check for the weight. Get to know the kind of weight that can be supported by the fall protection harness which you want to pick. Always make sure that you get to gauge a fall protection harness so that you can be sure it will offer the right support even as you carry many weights that will be used for the work. Get to know if the fall protection harness will accommodate any weight that you will carry. Make sure you pick a strong fall protection harness that will be suitable for your needs.

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