House Sitting While a Friend is Away

A friend of mine who took a vacation to a foreign country left me his house to watch it for him. He told me that I could stay in it so that people would think someone was home and that it would be less likely to be burglarized. His neighborhood didn’t really seem like the kind of neighborhood to be broken into, but I agreed to watch it anyway. While in his home, his HVAC system stopped working, so I had to find a company that could repair an HVAC near me. My friend paid for the repairs to the HVAC by sending money through an online account.

My friend trusted my judgement in finding a company that would be able to do a good job of getting the HVAC system repaired. He just told me that I should watch out for whatever company I hired, and to make sure that they were licensed, bonded, and had a guarantee on their work. All of these things went without saying, as I would never hire a company who didn’t have these things. I would be putting my HVAC at risk, as well as potentially costing myself money.

I paid close attention to many consumer reviews from websites and found a local company to come to my friend’s home and take a look at his HVAC system. The worker from the company found a blown capacitor in the HVAC that made it stop working and simply put in a new one. When I told my friend what was wrong with his HVAC, he wondered why I couldn’t fix it on my own. I told him that even though it looked simple, it was a bit more complicated than he thought, and that I would have no way of getting the same part that the worker had.