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Tips for Choosing A Nurse Case Management

Chronic patients refer to people who live with health conditions that are somehow life threatening and they have to be monitored if they are to live comfortably. A case management nurse oversees the long term treatment of a patient as well as making plans for things that might be needed, a nurse case manager is a registered nurse. Nurse case managers that are employed to work with chronic patients tend to establish a relationship with the patient and also the family of the patient in order to provide the needed care.

Not only hospitals employ case management nurses but hospices and rehabilitation centers could also employ their services. The duties of a nurse case manager differ from one patient to another and from one facility to another as the needs of one patient are not the exact same of the other. A nurse case manager will have to do their own research to better understand a patient’s condition and how best to help them.

In caring for a chronic condition , we don’t expect a full recovery but progress needs to be assessed ,for this reason, a nurse case has to perform a follow up and evaluate the patient from time to time to find out if the patients situation is improving. When it comes to nurse case management, the patient and the nurse case manager will be together during the period of care, for medication, the nurse is responsible for how the drugs are administered to the patient.The nurse will always be there to follow on what type of drugs that a patient is on and whether they are suitable and with minimal side effects

There are cases where the nurse case manager will have to perform duties similar to those of an insurance company especially if a patient has claims to make concerning to their health condition but most important of all, a nurse case manager should work to ensure that the cost of treatment is kept manageable.

A nurse case manager works more with paperwork concerning the care of a patient than the duties of a normal care nurse, for this reason they need to possess good orgarnizational skills to execute their duties Another skill that comes in handy if you are a case manager is good record keeping and file maintenance, a patient may have more than one file and having several patients means that one will have in their possessions several files and this calls for proper record keeping. In a situation where the case management nurse is responsible for more than one patient they need to be in a position where they can coordinate care without messing up a patients requirements, this needs the ability to multitask and alertness. Concerning the chronic condition patients, they are bound to be hospitalized for a long time in a hospital or similar kind of facility, a nurse case manager needs to physically observe the delivery of healthcare services to either accredit or rule out the services as being poor. Not all patients are able to afford the cost of long term care and for this matter, a nurse case manager has to work with social workers to enable their patient access the care .

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